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Quality Managment

Manufacturing Site Adress​

Plot No 640 , Sundar Industrial Estate , Lahore Pakistan

Quality Control

We have separate quality control department to ensure quality of products.

Quality Control department functions for assuring the quality of all the batches manufactured, at every stage of manufacturing/processing products

Well Equipped Lab

We have well equipped lab having:

  • 2 HPLC (Agilent and Shimadzu)
  • UV Spectrophotometer (Scientific spectrum)
  • FTIR (Shimadzu)

All manufactured products undergo quality assurance check for each batch, Quality control department takes samples, checks it against quality parameter and ensures that it is fit for sale. All deviations are thoroughly investigated and batch is rejected if deviations are significant.

Role of Quality assurance department plans, execute and oversee inspection and testing of incoming and outgoing product to confirm quality conformance to specifications and quality deliverables.

QA analyzes and investigates product complaints or reported quality issues to ensure closure in accordance with company guidelines and external regulatory requirements.



We have 2 approved dedicated Probiotic Section

  • Capsule Section
  • Oral Powder Section

There are number of microbial strains especially bacteria which are beneficial for humans. The earlier known benefits of probiotics were limited to good gut health and good digestive system but later studies have shown that probiotics not only helps our digestive system but they also boosts immunity, prevent allergies, helps in reduction of cholesterol and many other.

A probiotic must be alive when administered, survive the gastric environment, have undergone controlled evaluation to document health benefits. We have a wide range of strains like Lactobacillus.

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