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Profile Of Syed Babar Hussain Bukhari

Generally over the years, the process is tractor ploughing on 9”of upper surface of soil, applying fertilizer and pesticides in order to produce crops. Eventually, very tough hard panes have been made on this 9” level due to repetition of use of fertilizer & pesticides. The stomach of the soil is badly affected and creates poisonous contents thus loss of natural nutrition & vitamins and soils become deplete. Resultantly, the crops from this soil are not healthy and due to this all chronic diseases such as cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, stomach problems and other diseases generates. Basically, the soil is the main source, if it is not healthy then it produces unhealthy food consequently.

Syed Babar Hussain Bukhari is the Chief Executive of M/s Converde Farm Developers & Syed Traders & Companies. He has been doing research & development works in the field of agriculture from last twenty years. He left Canada with the object to perform remarkable job in the field of agriculture to bring green revolution by rehabilitating depleted soil with the use of special organic formula and improve quality of life of all Pakistanis by providing organic & chemical free products / food.

Syed Babar Hussain Bukhari has invested huge amount of time and money in the research & development work. Actually, he is restoring the soil with the use of organic formula through production of earthworms in the soil. These earthworms eat soil and natural waste which expels to produce natural fertilizers through earthworms excretes, that makes the soil rich with all natural nutrients. Earthworms play a key role in modifying soil structure and accelerating the decomposition of organic matter and nutrient cycling, ultimately shaping the structure and composition of the aboveground plant community, which is beneficial for growing healthy food.

The prime focus is to farm rehabilitation so that the depleted soils can start producing healthy crops and save our beloved Pakistan from all chronic diseases.

During his research & development work he mastered of producing all types of standard crops such as wheat, rice, cotton, corn, sugar cane, fodder, vegetables & fruits by using his expertise and protocol. He achieved remarkable results in terms of enhancement of soil fertility, lowering of input cost, increase in production, produce supreme quality products, attained high rates in market, chemical free products with more shelf life and delicious taste, turning farmer profit per acre by many folds. He used his remarkable knowledge with many government departments, Army farms, Private farms and attained appreciation letters, awards etc. on different occasions. The list is as under:

Pakistan Army Military Farm Lahore 04 March 2015

Army Welfare Trust Farm Lahore 29 March 2012

Army Farm SWOL 23 October 2014

Sector Headquarters Sutlej Rangers Lahore 15 May 2013

Remount Depot Mona Farm 08 April 2015

Remount Depot Sargodha Farm 02 March 2015

General Tariq Qaddus Farm Islamabad 03 April 2019

Col Imad Iqbal Gill Farm 19 November 2014

Parks and Horticulture Authority Lahore 17 June 2

Military Secretary to Governor Punjab 2015

Parks and Horticulture Authority Lahore 17 June 2013

Chief Ministers Secretariat Punjab 2015

Best Achievement award 2013 received from Governor of Punjab Ch Mohd Sarwar

Consumer Choice Association of Pakistan award 2013

Government of Sindh industries and commerce 2013

Best CEO Asia award 2014

His organic formula when used repeatedly on the soil, it restores the depleted soil, enhances soil fertility, reduces water irrigation cost, reduce tractor ploughing cost, increases production with supreme quality and ultimately enhances farmers profit per acre considerably.

He has applied his organic formula on farm of Gen Tariq Qudus located at Kahota Islamabad, on a big rocky mountain. He applied the organic formula before plantation of fruit plants such as guava, olive and some other fruit plants. This process makes the soil rich and soft, enabling plant roots to grow faster. Normally, the fruits on olive plant come in 5 years but in this case his organic formula magically showing results and the fruits started to come in merely 2 years. Gen Tariq Qudus presented an appreciation letter as a token of unbelievable achievement.

He also applied his organic formula on rice crop at 25 acres Private farm, Mouza Zafarwal district Narowal. The overall growth of the crop was excellent with tremendous vegetative growth. The grain size was uniform, excellently shinning and the quality was supreme. The soil becomes soft due to production of earthworms, which enhances soil fertility and saves agriculture input cost and the yield of rice crop increased by almost 25-30%. Several TV channels such as Express News, Dawn News, PTV and other TV channels were there to cover the harvesting and interviews.

In other instance, he applied his organic formula in wheat farm field of Gen Muhammad Yousaf Khan Ex Vice Chief of Army Staff at Mouza Icho gill District, Lahore. The overall growth of the crop was excellent with tremendous vegetative growth. The grain size was uniform, excellently shinning and the quality was supreme. The soil becomes soft due to production of earthworms, which enhances soil fertility and saves agriculture input cost and the yield of rice crop increased by almost 25-30%. Several TV channels such as Express News, Dawn News, PTV and other TV channels were there to cover the harvesting and interviews.

He developed one barren land of Brig Jaffer farm located at Joharabad. This was a total sandy and desert looking land. Then he applied his organic formula before plantation of fruit plants of Guava, Lemon and some other fruit plants. The soil becomes rich & soft and gave same magical results, the fruits start appearing on guava plants in just one year.

Then he developed 500 acres farm at Mouza Ratneywala district Kasur. This was a total sandy and barren land and no crops were cultivated since ages on this land. He used his organic formula in different fruit plants such as Guava, Lemon, Loquat orchard, and on different crops such as potatoes, vegetables, maize, wheat and rice crop. Tremendous results yet again, yield up by almost 25-30%. Several TV channels such as Express News, Dawn News, PTV and other TV channels were there and made the coverage.

He purchased 20 acres at Mouaza Nokadar Shahkot as well. This was a total barren land and no agriculture was carried on this land. He planted guava orchard in winter season and applied his organic formula, the soil became fertile in just three months’ time and production of earthworms started simultaneously. Surprisingly, germination of new leaf on plants started in the month of January during the extreme winter season. He has purchased this land at the price of Rs.700,000 to 12,00,00 per acre and in just after six months he sold land at Rs.3,000,000 per acre. The TV channels Dawn News have made the coverage.

Later, he started a joint venture with Private office of his Highness Sheikh Ahmad Dalmook Almakdoum and engaged in a project with Agriculture Department of Government of Angola for establishing fruit farm on 16,000 acres at their Quibala farm. Also, engaged on another project for establishing fruit farm & revival of old fruit plants on 2500 acres in Lubango, a project of Social Security of Armed Forces Ministry of Defence Angola.

During his research work he realized that how quickly he can play a role to save lives of his beloved Pakistanis from all chronic diseases. He concluded that first of, he should produce wheat crop with the use of his organic formula. As everybody in Pakistan, eats wheat flour bread twice or thrice on daily basis. Initially, he started applying of his organic formula on 20-50 acres of wheat crop farm. After grinding in mill, he distributed this wheat flour to media persons, doctors, Judges, Army Officers, several patients and to general public. Huge appreciation and enormous demand were generated to supply this organic wheat flour on regular basis. This organic wheat flour saves humans from chronic diseases and improves general health such as improves immune system, improves digestive system, helps in relieving constipation and save from all kind of stomach diseases, helps in controlling heart disease, helps in controlling diabetic, helps in anti-aging, saves from Alzheimer disease, regulates the Blood Pressure, saves from Cancer, Saves from Corona disease, acts for better lungs health.

Comparison of new organic formula wheat with normal wheat is as under:

Ingredients / NutrientsOur Formula WheatNormal Wheat
Vitamin E0.78
Pesticide Residue AnalysisNo Pesticide detected 

He examined this organic wheat flour samples from Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Laboratories Complex, Lahore. As per tested reports, this organic wheat flour contains Vitamin E 0.78, whereas Vitamin E is not found in normal wheat grains in the world. This organic wheat also includes Potassium, Calcium, Copper, Iron and other minerals in high quantity as compare to normal wheat. It contains fat 1% only whereas in normal wheat flour it is 2.2%. In normal wheat gluten is 12.75% and in organic wheat it is 8.7%. Copies of reports are attached. Further, this organic wheat was examined for Pesticide Residue Analysis test from Pesticide Residue Laboratory Kala Shah Kaku. No pesticide detected in organic wheat produced with organic formula whereas in normal wheat it exists. When this organic wheat flour consumed it does not produce any gas in stomach, no bloated stomach and food digest immediately likewise stool passes easily. Whereas gas produced when eat bread of normal wheat flour and having bloated feeling and more time requires digesting the food. One of Syed Babar Hussain Bukhari biggest achievement is, he has introduced & developed another product called M Orga Qehwa. M Orga Qehwa is an 18 years of vigorous research organic product, it is extracted from leaves of plant called FAHM; During the plantation of FAHM on a massive scale, no chemical fertilizer, pesticide or any such product been used for the growth of the plant. In fact, in the process again he  used earthworms excrete as fertilizer. M Orga Qehwa can be used as alternative medicine for acute diabetic and blood pressure patients. The product has enormous benefits on overall physical conditions besides diabetes and blood pressure. We have conducted (90 days/3 months) clinical trial on various patients and collected the results, which shows significant reduction that is difficult with any medicine available in the market.

Clinical Studies

Patients aged 40 – 70 (m/f), on medicine for last 15 years, after using M Orga Qehwa for 2 months the Hb1ac dropped from 11.8 to 9.4, this is a significant result achieved which is very rare with normal medicines as per medical science. Another results M Orga Qehwa for less than 2 months the Hb1ac dropped from 9.8 to 8.0, During the trial patients were using  M Orga Qehwa religiously and have stopped taking oral medicine after 20 days with doctor’s recommendation by observing the patient’s daily progress on fasting/random readings. Reports are attached. M Orga Qehwa has been offered to a patient who is going for amputation after doctors taking all the tests. M Orga Qehwa did a miracle effect on the patient, his wound started drying up in 48 hours and after 78 hours doctors were surprised to see the results and agreed not to go for amputation. M Orga Qehwa is miraculously showing results after drinking for one continuous week, and as the patient intakes daily for one month or more their sugar level both fasting and random dropping to optimum level.

PCSIR Tests:

We have done lab tests for our Qehwa from the renowned laboratory of Pakistan named PCSIR, their tests are widely accepted globally. Tests details are as follows: 

The details of results are as under:

Moisture (g/100g)
7.60 Ash (g/100g)
5.80 Fat (g\100g)
1.00 Protein (g\100g)
12.50 Fiber (g\100g)
11.40 Carbohydrates (g\100g)
61.69 Energy (g\100g)
305.76 Calcium (mg\100g)
328.26 Iron (mg\100g)
14.40 Magnesium (mg\100g)
Potassium (mg\100g)
984.78 Vitamin A (mg\100g)
0.31 Vitamin C (mg\100g)
0.42 Vitamin D (mg\100g)
0.012 Vitamin E (mg\100g)
0.081 Steroids
Nil Aflatoxin B1 Not detected
Aflatoxin B2 Not detected
Aflatoxin G1 Not detected
Aflatoxin G2 Not detected
Total Aflatoxins (ppb) Not detected

PCSIR References:

#213666, 213665, 213664, 213663, 003367, 213609, 213627

He has served several companies at different positions in national & international countries. The details are as under:

  1. Chief Executive Converde Farm Developers
  2. Chief Executive Syed Traders & Companies
  3. Executive Director Converde Group USA
  4. Chief Executive Converde Group Canada
  5. Chief Executive Milton Employment Agency Canada
  6. Chief Executive Ambition Construction LLC Dubai
  7. Chief Executive Converde Group Asia
  8. Chief Executive Babar Engineering Works
  9. Chief Executive Map Enterprises
  10. Chief Executive Sadat Catering
  11. Chief Executive Sadat Security
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